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$ Per 1k
Bad Countries
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For good countries we give higher rates! Please check our rates for good and bad countries on the left. The more good countries you send the better! Please contact us to discuss any custom rates or deals!
Good countries are listed below:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom
By default your payout setting is set on monthly payout. If you would like to get paid twice a month, please contact us directly and we will discuss. Also, we're paying 15 days after the end of the period. So payouts go out on 15th each month. If that day fall on the weekend, we pay to the nearest working day! Minimum payout option is 100$, but you can raise that inside admin. If you didn't reach your minimum payout, your earnings will be carried over to the next period until the minimum payout is reached.